Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Letter of Solidarity with the Struggle for Gender Neutrality at Boston University:

We are writing to express our utmost support for the campaign to win safe space for our fellow students at BU. It is quite disturbing that gender neutral housing was not a pressing enough concern for the administration to warrant keeping its timetable (much less keeping up with most other universities around Boston and the country). Despite having an equal opportunity policy that includes gender variance, the actual institutions at BU have fallen far short of the basic needs of its student population.

Forcing students to identify within the gender binary for housing as well as what bathrooms they use is extremely alienating and dangerous to their physical and psychological well-being. SJP will not rest until BU ends its stratification of housing and bathrooms and provides safety and autonomy over the bodies and living conditions of our community. We promise to support this campaign in every possible way and remain committed to pushing for a just future at our school and all over the world.

--Boston University Students for Justice in Palestine

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  1. This is beautiful! Thank you!

    Much Love and Solidarity,